Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - wait, it's Friday?

  • First, how is it Friday already?  This week has zipped on by.  
  • I spent majority of the week dog sitting to dogs that as soon as you let them out bark non-stop.  Kids even complained, "Mom, let the dogs in they are annoying."  
  • Since last Friday, Addy has had two t-ball games and another tomorrow.  She is definitely improving each and every practice and game.  
  • I have spent the week visiting the grocery stores way too often because I kept forgetting something.  I hate when this happens.  
  • Cleaned the house throughout the week versus on one day.  I like leaving the house clean before we head out of town.  How about you?  
  • We visited one of the pools yesterday for the first time this summer.  Water was colder than we would have liked but by hour two it was refreshing.  
  • Today was squeeze as many appointments in before lunch (three).  Me: Physical therapy - since I feel 60% better I can continue stretching at home and if the pain comes back call before it gets too bad.  Cody:  yearly eye exam.  Kinsley:  Asthma follow up - It's getting worse.  She sounds winded all the time.  They upped her dosage of one inhaler from 40 mg to 110 mg as well as giving her the rescue inhaler every day a couple times a day until she is no longer winded.  We go back in a month.
  • The kids' pediatrician is heading to Afghanistan, and today was his last day at the clinic.  Seriously sad about this. 
  • In between and after appointments I had to get all the laundry done, everything packed (one suitcase, one body bag, laundry basket full of shoes, dog kennel, golf clubs, small cooler, kids must have "crap," etc), shopping, homework, packing the van, blah, blah, blah.  
  • I'm beat.  And I know tomorrow morning I'll be running around like a mad woman packing the last minute crap and trying not to forget something.  
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  1. I always make sure the house is cleaned before we go somewhere. It's so worth it to come home to a clean house! I try to change the sheets too.

    Hope the trip goes/went well!

  2. I swear I have a never ending grocery list. No matter what, I've always forgotten something or we run out of something as soon as I return from a store. The consequences of a crazy house, I suppose.


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