Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - We can't swim edition

  • We had family pictures taken while home visiting.  Nine grandchildren, two grandparents, and seven adults.  
  • I am so anxious to see these pictures.  Shotguns were even pulled out. 
  • The six hour drive to and from my parents went really well.  The older they get the easier it seems to go. 
  • Sunday Eligh's ear hurt, Tuesday we were at the doctor.  Swimmer's ear
  • It's been well over 100 all week and we can't swim.  Keeping the kiddos inside is not an easy task after they just spent the past ten days swimming
  • The problem with not swimming every single day is that the kiddos are not worn out as much and thus seem to be back to waking up at or before 7.  
  • I'm hoping to get the kiddos back outside and in the water this upcoming week.  These kids need some outside entertainment besides this mommy 24/7.  
  • See what our lovely host, Danifred, is sharing this week.  


  1. 6 hours one way? Any tips? We're heading on a drive slightly longer than that in a couple of weeks. I'm scared.

  2. Will you be sharing the pics on here? I can't wait to see everyone!


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