Sunday, August 4, 2013

Month long absence

Wow, I didn't realize it has been a month+ since my last post.  Life has changed. update of sorts

  • Fitness trainer moved out of state
  • Family friends moved out of state
  • Lost over 40+ pounds since December
  • No longer reaching to get back into the classroom
  • Addy has lost 3 teeth
  • Spent a couple weeks in Illinois visiting family
  • Baseball season ended
  • Loads of swimming
  • First family camping trip
  • First family trip to a baseball game - GO WHITE SOX
  • Twins got accepted into the PreK program Addy went to (half day, in the afternoons)
  • I have been assisting with teaching once a week a group fitness class
  • I am truly happy, inspired, motivated, and enthusiastic about life
  • I am now studying and changing my goals....and for once I do NOT feel guilty about the decision
  • I completed another 10K race
  • Kids stayed four nights alone with grandma and grandpa while daddy and I had some alone time
  • Passport pictures have been taken
  • Next month we "should" know where we will be living this spring
I am possibly changing the perspective of my blog.....thinking, thinking, thinking.  

Miss you all!

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  1. Been worried but glad that all the change has found you doing positive changes yourself. A spring adventure huh?...seriously share those details on the 40Plus I know what I have done has sued some but this last 20 is brutal! Congrats on the running so cathartic I think


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