Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New phase

For about a month I have been training to run my first ever race - 10K mud, hills, water, and trails.

With that, I have also signed up with a trainer to work on my eating.  This week I began a cleanse - ridding my body of processed foods.  Essentially moving towards clean eating.  

My focus has been fitness and health in a more focused direction to hopefully make it a lifetime change.  

I was scared to share any of my successes for fear of failing, but it's all been going great and I want to share so I can look back and see what I have accomplished.


  1. Don't keep all the tips to your self ! Member Carrie two steps forward and one step back isn't failing cause u learnt something from those steps. not learning from the backwards ones now that's failure. Congratulations on the movement love to hear it would love to remove that from thus house

  2. Way to go, Carrie! Inspiring! Hope your cleanse is going well and the withdrawals aren't too bad.

  3. Sigh. I've been working our lots more (feel great) but I started off my morning with a donut breakfast sandwich (which was so wrong, it was right, honestly)


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