Saturday, February 23, 2013

Size matters

Tonight at the dinner table, as usual, a child or two were taking FOREVER to eat. Doing everything they could to help distract us from their non-eating game. (Please tell me this doesn't only happen in our house).

I went on a small tangent explaining how grateful they should be to have a home made dinner when there are so many families who do not. Then, Cody went on to explain how they could be eating fast food every night. I then explained how eating junk all day every day can cause you to get a big butt and thus not e able to exercise and play sports, dance, etc (I know it went a tad too far this evening - but I can admit my wrongs and after nine days of sick kiddos you start losing it).

And then this conversation to shut us all up and continue eating (or not).

Eligh: "I don't have a big butt."

Daddy: "You are right, you have no butt."

Eligh: "If I don't have a butt, then I don't have a tackywacker."

Daddy: (laughing) "Yes, you do."

Eligh: " have a HUGE tackywacker daddy."


  1. well then congrats to you on aquiring a Big Tackywacker!

  2. LOL! Where do I start? My kids love to tell me I have a big butt (or a mushy butt) and a big belly. One day they were saying the same thing to Greg and while on a roll, Alex decided to tell Greg he had a big "pee pee". Greg could only reply with "why thank you!".

    You are NOT the only one with slow eaters that procrastinate for the whole meal. Usually our painfully slow eater is Alex but last night it was Emily. When the other two had finally finished most of their meal and were allowed to leave the table Emily had still barely touched her meal. I think she might have sat there (alone) for another 45 minutes before she ate enough to qualify for the special treat I had made them. I kept telling her just to give up. :+)


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