Thursday, May 24, 2012

Neighborhood Rules

I'm all about rules this week, aren't I?

  • Don't come into my yard to simply play with my kids' toys and not even talk to them.  
  • Don't beg my children for their toys, get your own!
  • Talk more to the kids, and less to the adults
  • Ask before you use or play with anything that does not belong to you
  • Stay out of the back yard, as there is no need for you to be snooping or secretly playing with toys
  • How about you stay in your own yard, play with your stuff, and simply leave my MUCH younger children and toys alone? 


  1. i have such a hard time commenting anymore but i have been reading and i will reattempt to reply to this one specially cause im giving you a big AMEN sister....situatios like that are why they invinted privacy fences and one of my favorite moves is when the mom watches and when they have safely secured themselves in our yard and im attentivly hawking cause for some reaon i just cant get a good vibe on the eldest one of hers she ducts inside for bathroom break and never comes back till i send them home and make them go in as well as text her to tell her were in and there unattended only for her to pop out and say tanks a million id never got my floors done or bills pd with all that noise in the house....ergh sadly its been the parents that i avoid more than the kids...they never get thier kids anything we offered for free our smaller older swingset because as the twins got bigger we just needed something a little bigger and she said no thank you i have four kids you have 3 if you oneed a bigger one why do you think that would wor for us...hummmm its free, its decent shape, and your kids have nothing...i harbor in this corner where one minute i feel sorry for the kids then always telling my kid no and frustrated cause its always a game of defense cause all bounderies have to be meet or hook line and sinker...

  2. We have kids running through our yard ALL THE TIME. Makes me bonkers. Then they freak out when the dog is out there, as if he doesn't own the yard.


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