Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Closing time

The baby making gates are closed and I am at peace with it all.  I know that I had some flip flopping, ohmygosh it's happening questions and thoughts running in my head the closer it got to the official procedure date.  But, for us, we need to be finished.  We are happy, complete, and extremely blessed.  I know that for many who have suffered through infertility that ending any possible chances of getting pregnant may seem like a complete slap in the face, but my health and being here for my three is number one.  I adore babies, but my body does not.  My body fights pregnancy and causes bed rest and many complications that put my own family at risk of losing their mommy, and to put that stress and risk on us, is selfish.

Cody went in Friday afternoon and was up and moving for the girls' recital the next afternoon.

Even though he was not his complete self and still sore on Sunday he did all he could to make it special.  My mom and I went to brunch and I came home to cards and a way too expensive gift.

I am loved..........but most importantly, complete.  


  1. Beautiful earrings, beautiful post, beautiful family!

  2. It still blows mind mind that I got my tubes tied. Bit it was the right thing for us. Is it wrong that your earrings looked like nipples to me at first glance? I need more sleep! (they are beautiful!)

  3. Aww. This made me misty eyed. I am glad that you are at peace with the decision. The earrings are gorgeous! :)

  4. I totally understand all of this. Our doors are shut as well and I still can't imagine not having another. My body on the other hand, thinks differently.

    And those earrings are gorgeous.


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