Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers

  • It's been waaaaaaaayyyy too long since I have joined in on Friday Night Leftovers
  • The weather here in Missouri is so all over the place. 
  • Tuesday afternoon I went for a 6 mile run, because it was in the 60's
  • Wednesday evening right when I was heading upstairs for bed, Kinsley came out of her room covered in vomit
  • The two of us "slept" downstairs.  
  • There was not much sleeping, as she was vomiting all through the night and early morning.  
  • Thursday morning we woke up to 30 degree weather (just two days after 60 degree weather) 
  • Around 11:00 a.m. I was notified that Addy would be getting released from school @ 1:30 (it was sleeting), which meant the twins (well, healthy Eligh) would not be going to school.  
  • Thankfully, daddy was able to leave work around 12:45 and go pick up Addy
  • I spent the afternoon trying to keep Addyson and Eligh quiet and entertained while Kinsley fell asleep on the couch for three hours.  
  • Late afternoon it started to snow, so Cody picked up some cheap sleds, and Eligh and Addyson got to go sledding in the dark.  
  • School was cancelled for the day, as was majority of the base due to the road conditions.  Snow on top of ice, just doesn't mix well.  
  • All three kiddos (yay, Kinsley was feeling great) got to go sledding twice today, and I am hoping for easy bed times.  
  • Tomorrow was supposed to be Addyson's first basketball cheerleading game of the season, but the games have all been cancelled.  
Thank you Danifred, for hosting......boy, have I missed this :)


  1. We have missed you too! I'm so happy you have such happy place Carrie it is such a journey for anyone thank you for sharing

  2. The weather this winter has been nuts for us too. And to think, we still have a stretch to go!


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