Saturday, November 30, 2013

The most aaaaaaaaaaaamazing birthday EVER

Yes, legit, the BEST birthday I have EVER had.  I don't remember much from my childhood birthdays (my parents always made us our favorite meal, cake, and gifts, but nothing extraordinary especially because my birthday is always near Thanksgiving).

As an adult my birthdays have been less than exciting.  Cody has been around for some, as well as not being around for others.  Like last year, the big 3-0, he was away in TX, so I spent it at my parents and it was just another birthday. 

I specifically told him to NOT buy me a thing.  I don't like money to be spent on me, when we can take care of other things.  Does he listen?  NO!!!!!  When the kids came downstairs with a gift, I gave him the dirtiest look and he said it took me 10 minutes to say thank you.  I liked it, ok LOVED it, BUT the money.  Yuck, yuck, yuck!  He bought me this amazing running watch, one that I had mentioned I would like some day, not now, some day. 

The day was supposed to be a normal Wednesday, I was teaching my fitness class, but just had to bring one extra kiddo due to there being no school.  It was 8:25, and in walked Cody from work.  He said he forgot his wallet and something else.  He started my van, and didn't leave the house until after I left with the kiddos.

I walk into the community center to see it all decorated in our themed colors for class (orange and yellow) and am already in awe of these amazing ladies.  I turn around and I see Cody in his work out gear, I'm like what the heck is going on.  He has to work, or at least that is what he told me.  He comes in with some balloons and a bag that is from all the ladies who take the class.  Once the majority of the women arrived, I was forced to open up the bag (which I do not like opening things in front of people, plus I am not a receiver, I would rather give).  I open the card and there is an insane amount of money in the card, and I quickly close it.  What in the world?!!!  They told me how much they appreciated me teaching this class for free and wanted to give back to me to help pay for my certification (which more than covered the cost).  Straight tears of gratitude.  And one more amazing gift of footie jammies, which is a long standing joke in our group.

To top it all off, Cody stayed for the work out (which he has NEVER done).

It was a day where I was loved beyond any way I could imagine, and even more humbled.


  1. That is so so special. And it sure sounds like you deserve it. So awesome!

  2. Yea for an amazing day! I am so glad you are surrounded by people who love and appreciate you! You deserve all that love and more !

    Happy Birthday!


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