Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another rider

Eligh insisted this afternoon that he wanted to take his training wheels off.  I told him to first try out Addyson's bike and see how he felt and did.

That boy rode the dang bike on his first try.  I held on, let go and around the corner he went.  What in the world?

Daddy got home a few minutes later and I told him about the crazy news and he wanted to see for himself.

Five minutes later....daddy was taking off the training wheels of Eligh's bike.  He held on a couple times, and then Eligh said he did not want any more help.

He isn't perfect, nor can he get up the hill yet (he still a runt and really doesn't have the extra muscle to do so like big sister), but he started in the grass and would go all on his own.

Tears people, tears.

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  1. That's my boy. He rocks. Tell him I said so.


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