Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - How to avoid intimacy

  • My family has been poisoned with the flu; every one of us.  It started with me and ended with Kinsley.  
  • Cody had to grow a pair and tell his work that he would not be coming in to work Wednesday.  Over a month ago, Cody asked for the day off so I could chaperone Addy's field trip.  It was approved, thus I signed up.  
  • Well, he reminded them on Tuesday (they did not work on Monday) and they said he would have to bring the twins with him to work (to teach 10 soldiers).  Hysterical, right? 
  • I arranged for them to go to hourly care (a place they have never been), but they were able to go.  But, when I woke up with K on the floor in our room from the storm the night before she looked like all kinds of horrible.  Red cheeks, pale lips, kept passing in and out of sleep, yeah not good.  Cody came home, went back to work and stood his ground.  Finally!
  • Kinsley was back to her normal, out of control self by noon that day and has been her self since.  
  • Last night when I went to do my nightly check on the kiddos sleeping, Eligh woke up and had to go potty.  Since he was still pretty much sleeping I carried him and nearly dropped him because he was burning up.  I took his temp 101.5.  Huh?!  Where did that come from?
  • I made an appointment for the twins to go in to be seen as Kinsley has had this airy cough for weeks and it seemed to be increasing in frequency and now Eligh with this random fever that I checked every four hours through the night and each time it was back.  
  • Addy got to hang out with her friend while I went to the twins' appointment, which I am so grateful to have met someone here who my kids play well with and that I get along with as well.  
  • Final verdict:  Twins have a virus (isn't this always the answer), but Kins was given an inhaler.  We have been down this road of an inhaler last year, and she is not a fan of it what so ever.  
  • Eligh's fever came back with a vengeance this evening (103.7 - the highest) and I will be setting the alarm to check on him all through the night. 
  • Back to the title of this post:  If you do NOT want to be intimate with your spouse/loved one, make sure every single person in your family gets sick for two whole weeks, on the two/three days no one is sick or recovering, make sure it storms so you have at least one child sleeping in your room from fear, and you will have accomplished this ultimate goal.  
Go check out our lovely host, Danifred, I'm sure there are bloggers posting more positive leftovers than this.  There simply has to be.


  1. Ugh. You guys have already been hit so hard this year. I hope this is the only funk you guys get all winter.

  2. Fevers scare the crap out of me. Sending you all healthy vibes.

  3. Oh man Carrie, you've had it rough. I hope everyone is starting to feel better.

    High fevers are scary. When my middle son got strep years ago, he had a high of 105.1 My doctor told me that you can give motrin and tylenol at the same time (initially and then every 4to6 hours for tylenol and every 6to8 hours for the motrin) because they work on different receptors to kill pain/lower fevers.

  4. You guys have had an awful few weeks. I hope this means you'll be sickness free for awhile!!

  5. Sick = suck

    I hate the's a "virus..."just wait it out.


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